Weekly Assignments 7th Grade Literature

 For Feb 1 – 5 in Mrs. Johnson’s Classes


Mon, Feb 1

No School


Tue, Feb 2

No School


HW – Prepare for the Gold Rush Test on Thursday


HW – Prepare for To Build a Fire Test on Thursday



Wed, Feb 3


Turn in Klondike Gold Rush Text Evidence worksheet

Review Context Clues worksheets

Annotate – Words to Know


HW – Prepare for Gold Rush test


Honors - Turn in London Bio extended response

Review Scavenger Hunt & Figurative Language worksheets

Review Literary Terms/Plot Diagram


HW – Prepare for TBF test



Thu, Feb 4


Library – Gold Rush Test

Honors - TBF Test


HW – AR Reading



 Fri, Feb 5


Midterm AR


Notes – Poetry #1

Listen to “The Cremation of Sam McGee”


HW – Reading Guide #1-10