Weekly Assignments 7th Grade Literature

 For Jan 25 - 29 in Mrs. Johnson’s Classes


Mon, Jan 25


Return Gold Rush handouts over videos Parts 1 & 2.

Return Scavenger Hunt questions for Klondike Gold Rush

Review the Text Structure Quiz – Google Form


HW – Complete Google Form – Main Idea #1

HONORS- Return Gold Rush handouts, videos Parts 1 & 2.

Listen to pages 3-6 (15:03) of the TBF audio


HW – Finish the Scavenger Hunt worksheet – due Tue


Tue, Jan 26


Review the Reading Practice Assessment

Return the Last of the Gold Rush questions


HW – Google Form – Main Idea & Text Structure (Bikes)

HONORS – Turn in the Scavenger Hunt worksheet

Complete the Annotate Part One worksheet – due end of period

Annotate vocabulary


HW – Complete the Character Text chart – due Wed


Wed, Jan 27


Watch the Parts 3 & 4 video and complete the worksheet  


HW – Google Form – Main Idea & Text Structure (Cats)

HONORS – Turn in Character Text chart

Complete Vocabulary worksheet 1 or 2

Complete Plot diagram


HW – Complete literary terms chart – due Friday


Thu, Jan 28



Library – AR Reading


HONORS – Library – Review figurative language definitions


Working in groups – figurative language worksheet


 Fri, Jan 29



Reading Practice Assessment – Golden Entrepreneurs


HW – Klondike Gold Rush Text Evidence worksheet – due Mon

HONORS – Turn in the literary terms chart

Read Jack London biography


HW - Complete the biography question – due Monday